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The realm of action heroes is full of shadowy organizations, deranged villains, and super-competent protagonists, from disguise artists, pilots, and modern-day gunslingers. The movers and shakers of this world are incredibly tough, impossibly skilled, and absurdly lucky; such is the legendary stuff of countless action movies and thriller novels.

For SUPERS! Revised

The first roleplaying game supplement from Stone Mountain Press features 65-pages jammed with characters and organizations to populate your own action-setting in the vein of Bond or Bourne. This modern action kit is designed to supplement the SUPERS! Revised tabletop roleplaying game by Hazard Studios and as such the core rulebook is required for play.

I was lucky enough to work on the Search & Destroy project with Stone Mountain Press as the Graphic & Layout Designer and an Editor. As such, I created all the logos for the project. The cover art was created by Jon Gibbons.

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