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by B.A. Umberger

Hard Questions

I've spent nearly 40 years playing lots of tabletop roleplaying games, not just Dungeons & Dragons; the list is quite long. I've spent even more time, especially lately, examing a vast array of game mechanics, far more than I've actually played. I've come to one primary conclusion during this time: there is no perfect game system - they all have their own strong and weak points. The bottom line here is, there is no pleasing everyone; someone will always dislike some aspect of the system. In the end, you have to ask yourself - regarding the way the game system is designed - what is the game trying to convey to its game master and payers? This is a difficult question and one I've struggled with for years as a player and a fellow game developer.

Pragmatic Answers

I've always tried to take a pragmatic approach to my projects, all of which are RPG related in some manner, by asking myself, what am I trying to accomplish? What are the unique elements of the project? Am I filling a gap in the industry or just reinventing the wheel? Am I truly making something useful, or just fulfilling my creative desires? Will this project be played for years, and will the players want more materials? And finally, am I biting off more than I can chew?

These are all important questions when considering the development of a new project. There are no easy solutions as some questions require a bit of soul searching to answer, but they need answering none-the-less. Some of the solutions will arise during the research and development stages, while other questions need to be resolved long before then. Everything starts with a good outline of the project in question; after all, a good start is half done.

Project Links

To the left are links to my various projects; some are fundamental, mere fragments of ideas in the making. Others are full-on projects, planned or in the works. These links will take you to a project page located here on this website, or GitHub or Reddit, depending upon the project's current state or its complexity. Please feel free to browse; if you find something you like, just let me know, and thanks for visiting!