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E6b: Tainted Deliverance

Mid-Episode Event

Synced to "Marqet's Death" ... by Andrew Powell & Philharmonia Orchestra

Your vision fades, everything becomes black as if closing your eyes. Then, slowly a faint grey glow emerges in all directions. Smokey spiral columns begin to appear, twirl then disappear all about you. You see dark shapes, figures being pulled through these tunnels of swirling smoke. You see no one else near you, yet, there is something here; a dark presence invading your mind, your very soul. It seeks your deepest thoughts, desires ... and worst fears. It seeks to know what you know, all your secrets deep within, your dark lore. You cannot stop its invasion. You are helpless against its will.

Suddenly, a massive tornadic swirl of blackness approaches, surrounds you, and whisks you away at violent speeds. Its penetration into your mind ceases and all becomes a blurry brightness as if glaring into the sun itself; eventually, this fades into different surroundings. You are now somewhere else. Everything fades into focus.

You fall to your knees, then to the ground as memories, visions, sights, smells, emotions -- of love and joy, of tears and pain -- all impact your senses and mind. The memories are a blur at first, but slowely, over time, they begin to focus.