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E6a: Strange Whisperings

Journal: Starday 1 Flocktime 598, Continued

I've grown weary and in need of rest. We've taken a break topside, away from the portal in the throne room of the snake-headed warrior. We barely escaped the portal and a most horrible plight; a confrontation with an armored beast, a great horned giant of sorts. We quickly closed the portal and decided to leave it alone for now. Do we dare enter the portal as others have suggested?

Our one-eyed companion has returned; he seems curious about us, watching us from afar—that one big eye starring. I must sleep now.

Journal: Sunday 2 Flocktime 598

I awoke because something frightening just happened. In my dream, I awoke ... again. As strange as that sounds, it is the only way to describe the experience as it seemed so real to me. I found myself in another place, a great, dark, deep cavern; carved out long ago from the bones of the world itself. There was a massive door over twenty feet tall. The door silently opened to reveal a giant figure of grey skin standing in the shadows of the opening. The massive man was dressed in priestly garb, tunics, and such, and he looked right at me, then spoke, "So, you have returned yet again, young one." His voice echoed through the cavern. I quickly closed my eyes and wished myself away from this place. When I opened my eyes, I found myself standing in the corner of the throne room. Did I sleepwalk, or did I visit some other fantastic place? I quickly glanced around the room to see who was on watch, but everyone was fast asleep. I can only assume I fell asleep on my watch - or was I sleeping?

Something else, as troubling as this experience was, there was another presence with me, something dark and terrible; it was only there for a moment when I closed my eyes, but I'm sure I was not alone. I felt a vast coldness, an intelligence filled with a vast dark lore, cruel yet wanting. I know this because it was like we were of the same mind. When I opened my eyes, the presence was gone.

I may be recording this for posterity. It was my turn to keep watch, yet I have wandered off in search of our one-eyed companion. I found him upstairs; he is watching me intently as I write in my journal. Strangely, as I showed him maps and drawings, and in particular spell formulas, he seems most interested and points to things in my books. This is only a deduction, but we may have found the very apprentice we came in search of, Erlas. When I showed him the contract we found in the tower above, he pointed directly to his name, plus he seems to respond to the name Erlas. This must be him, but what on Oerth happened to him? How did he become the creature that stands before me?

The party awoke, and we began to explore more of this dungeon, we found a passage yet untouched by us, but it meant crossing a rather large crevasse onto a weak landing. I managed to help with an Unseen Servant, a rather weak spell, but those I helped only needed a small boost or pull. Once on the other side, we explored an area containing many barrels of wine and some old wheels of cheese; something small has been eating upon the wheels. The wine, however, should be outstanding; Celene wine perhaps, though, I'm not sure how I know that.

I hear the voices again, but they are different this time, more child-like than before, whispering in my ears. Yet, the others are hearing them too. Perhaps I'm not mad after all, or perhaps they are too. But, there is something down here with us, something small, bat-like perhaps, for occasionally I hear the beating of small wings. The party has descended into a lower part of the dungeon again, and we found a coffin, much like the ones we found ourselves in not too long ago. The craftsmanship is much the same. Perhaps a local carpenter made them all. There is a name on the coffin, "Doru Morgu," which is VERY familiar to me; the name of the Sanctuary we awoke. The coffin is empty, but the dust settled upon it has been disturbed ... recently.

-- "The Truths of Darklore" by Degnfirth