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E4a: Doorway to the March

Journal: Starday 1 Flocktime 598, Continued

I'm writing this entry by the green glow of Liandrin's skull lantern. Valas went to retrieve more snake parts to open the door, or rather Gateway to another plane. However, I believe the dungeon portal is triggered by blood, specifically fresh blood, perhaps the intentions of a sacrifice, but the blood of anything recently deceased seems to work. The blood is placed into the mouth of a horned, gasping stone idol just above the door. The idol seems familiar to me, as though I've seen it before.

Entrance Idol

We discovered this deep dungeon doorway after sifting through the lair of the Yuan-ti. The snake-headed being who nearly defeated us in my last entry. We didn't find much in the lair, a magnificent black and red arrow, but I'm still trying to determine the arrow's magical nature. We also opened a well-built chest, which was magically trapped, those affected fell into a deep state of sorrow and gloom, almost suicidal; however, this soon passed. Inside the chest contained cushions designed to hold in-place a large gem, perhaps The Eye of Moloch itself, which is nowhere to be found.

From the lair, we crossed a deep, hot cavern and descended stairs further into this abyssal dungeon. I believe there is more to this place than what we've discovered, and I was right.

This gateway is severely burned-out, as though someone powerful and desperate was trying to open it. The evidence of searing flame and destruction is everywhere here. Yet the doorway remains intake and undamaged. It was Dezlan who tried the blood to open it first, using the tongue of the Yuan-Ti. To our surprise, it worked and the portal cracked open revealing an alleyway, in another place, literally. Our investigation has revealed the alley to be located in a strange city. The sounds of battle and an army marching through the streets loom in the background, not far through the portal.

There are small, one-eyed, geometric, automaton-like creatures on the other side of the doorway speaking a language none can understand.

Our aim was to explore the rest of this dungeon, then return and enter the portal, but the doorway closed behind us, so we are attempting to open it again with more snake blood.

Journal: Starday 1 Flocktime 598, Continued

Valas returned, but he met a one-eyed creature who gave him a strange box with unknown runes upon it. After opening the portal a second time, the box activated and began to speak; it introduced itself as a Mimir, a magical construct of the outer planes. The Mimir described various features we've experienced thus far.

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Mimir Introduction Great Road Gate Towns Modron Procession
Mimir Introduction The Great Road The Gate Towns The Modron Procession

We are still hesitant about passing through the portal. As such, we have decided (again) to finish the dungeon first.

Journal: Starday 1 Flocktime 598, Continued

We met the one-eyed creature. The monster seems to possess intelligence, and a curiosity of-sorts - like it comprehends our predicament. It gave Liandrin a charm, which she seems to recognize, but where did this creature gain these things; we do not yet know or understand.

Eye of the Great Tree

Journal: Starday 1 Flocktime 598, Continued

Again, we have found ourselves opening the portal. This time we find the debris of the geometric creatures scattered through the alley, and a giant of a figure standing near the head of the street ...

-- "The Truths of Darklore" by Degnfirth