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E3b: A Meeting of Darkness

Synced to "Dark Conscience" ... By Tommee Profit

A figure creeps between the dead trees as it approaches a dilapidated cabin. Despite being high-noon, the forest is so dark, one can barely discern any details, yet the figure moves easily with an unsettling grace amongst the dreary foliage. Most things here are grey instead of green. Suddenly, the figure rises into the air above the cabin, floating silently as the fog wakes behind it. Antlers can be seen protruding from its head as it pauses over the broken cabin.

A voice hisses in a half-whisper as a darkness moves about, "Greeeetings Stag." A shadowy humanoid rises from the cabin to join the figure in mid-air.

"They have arrived." a voice cackles. "I saw them, twice now. Yet they do not enter the woods."

"Did they see you? Did they recognize you?" The shadow replies. "No." says the antlered figure.

"It has been many years since they last saw you, since they nearly destroyed your coven." Whispers the darkness. "Looking for revenge, are we? ... Granny wouldn't like that, not without permission."

"There is only one I'm after, and he doesn't concern Mother."