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E3a: The Sibilant Servant

Journal: Starday 1 Flocktime 598, Continued

I've never felt so helpless; however, that's a passing statement, as I cannot EVER remember being so enfeebled. My lack of memories is still a very real thing.

We found the entrance to the 'deeps' and battled what we thought were Lizardfolk, but they were actually Kuo-toa. One escaped us. I suspect some foul illusionary magic to be involved. Then we met and freed two dwarves captives, named Hulmur Stoneboot and Barmiir Lordihr. The dwarves claimed to be part of a larger group on their way to Saltmarsh when they were captured. They couldn't say, but we believe the others to have been eaten. Our two new friends departed quickly for the Saltmarsh mines, taking with them some of the Kuo-Toa supplies.

The next part of our adventure in the 'Deeps' involved a most terrifying spider, able to turn invisible or teleport, not sure which. It nearly killed Dezlan, who remained paralyzed for some time. The spider escaped us. This, however, gave me some time to translate one of Erlas' scrolls we discovered in the abandoned keep.

The scroll is as follow:

Contract between Tydar Bimme, Master of the Shrine of the Tender Oath, and Alchemist Jara Arlec, plus one apprentice named Erlas Klim. The contract was to entrap a treasure vault for the Eye of Moloch. The details are purposely left out of the contract. However, it states that a test will be conducted to verify the effectiveness of the trap. The test was conducted by a hired rogue from Greyhawk named Domino. The contract was fulfilled, and it states the test was successful. The alchemists and his apprentice were paid in full.

What I found interesting is that Master dwarf Dilur Malvor, the caretaker of the Vale, claimed the "red gem" had no name attached to it, yet it clearly does' "The Eye of Moloch." That name sounds familiar to me. What else is this dwarf keeping from us? Perhaps this Domino has some answers too.

Once Dezlan had "loosened-up," we continued to explore the 'Deep,' but what we found was not pleasant.

Blood. Blood and bits of flesh everywhere. We found a slaughterhouse and dining area. Many folk has lost their lives in this place. The evil here must truly be vile.

And indeed it is. I write this passage just after the battle against a snake-headed demon of sorts. His magic was effective, as was his bow-arm. He nearly defeated us, having pinned the party between him and a vast "slithering" of snakes that covered the corridors and blocked our escape. But it was all over once Liadrin insulted him. A handy spell that one. It turned the tide nicely in our favor. Belgariad then pinned the demon to the floor with a final arrow-shot through its maw.

What we find in this lair of evil has yet to be discovered.

-- "The Truths of Darklore" by Degnfirth