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E1e: Falling of the Flags

Liandrin's Dream Sequence

The first wave of yellow flags did not last long. However, when the second wave of slavers came ashore she wept, the orcs were now moving against them from the rear. There was nowhere to run or hide, not that she would do such a thing, but now they were pinned against the shoreline. She knows, she will never see home again.

Blood is everywhere. Her guards died with honor defending her, defending their Lady, their priestess. Now she stands alone, the last of her house. Surely the God of the Bitter North is watching this day, this last battle. Everyone else has surrendered. She is all out of spells, her divine abilities used-up to save those around her. However, she will not be giving up easily. Several yellow flags have already fallen around her, more will fall before she does.

Her gaze then turns. She raises her shield with sword in hand, ready to strike. Her eyes are affixed, and she looks directly at you; preparing to speak.

"You are out of time now," she says. "You must wake, we shall speak again."

You hear the roars of the enemy rushing to her position. She brings her sword high into the air and strikes with incredible fury - screaming with all her might - a rage so powerful even the Father of Cold himself feels a chill run up his spine.

You awaken from this dream. Heart pounding. The sounds of the battle still ring in your ears.

Daniil in Battle