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E1b: The Awakening

Opening Scene

Synced to "Mountains" by Hans Zimmer (Interstellar Soundtrack)

You awaken laying on your back, in darkness, and near-silence; the only sound being your own rushed, heavy breathing, like you just emerged from the fight of your life. You are in a well-enclosed padded box, just large enough to lay. There is a pillow beneath your head, and you are comfortable. You push on the enclosure, the hinged lid splits open easily.

You are in a room, dimly lit from seemingly nowhere. You now notice that you are sitting in a coffin; it is made of silver. You are not dressed. However, stored at the coffin's foot is a heavy, black, well-crafted hooded-robe with a simple rope belt and a pair of well-made leather sandals.

There are other coffins next to you, each with lids open and occupants looking about the room. You don't recognize any of the individuals. And it would appear they do not recognize you. Each of you dons a robe and climb from your coffins.

There are four males, one is of elvish descent, one is very old. There is one female with ram-like horns protruding from her head. All bear the look of surprise and wonder on their faces.

Suddenly each of you realizes, as do the others apparently, that you have no memories, not of your past, not of where you are, or even who you are. You are a blank slate. You can recognize things and are intelligent; you have skills. You understand languages, and you can read; you simply have no experiences to draw from, no childhood, and no adulthood.

Carved into the end of each coffin are your names. But who are you really? How did you get here? Where is here? ... And what will you do now?

-- The Dungeon Master