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Against the Undying

House Rules

Campaign House Rules

The following are changes to the D&D 5th Edition standard core rules. All house rules are subject to change.

Inspiration (BETA)

A change in the rules covering how to earn and use inspiration. All rules for inspiration in the D&D 5E Player's Handbook (p.125) still apply. Players can still earn inspiration through good roleplaying. However, inspiration may also be earned when a character rolls a critical success (natural 20) --OR-- critical failure (natural 1) on any action taken while the character is under initiative.

Also, instead of advantage on future actions, inspiration may be spent to grant a bonus action or an additional reaction. This represents the character's ability to learn from their success and failures, when it matters most, plus help downtrodden action scenes as characters use the earned inspiration to create momentum, or pass-on the extra inspiration for another character to use.

In addition, inspiration may now be spent to lower the morale of NPCs, villains, or creatures granting them a disadvantage on an action as selected by the given PC.


We will be tracking Experience Points (XP) during this campaign. When a game session is over, the DM will send each player a message handing-out the XP, this gives the players time to make any level adjustment - if needed - before the next game session.

Adding XP. To add experience points to your character, simply go to the online Character Sheet, click on the character's name, then Manage Levels; or go to Character Builder > Class > Manage XP. Add the points into the XP Value field and click Apply. The system will then add the XP to your character, and if you gained a level then new features and options will become available in the Character Builder.

Adding HP. When a character advances to the next level, additional Hit Points (HP) are added to the character based upon the character's Class and Constitution score. Players then have two options when it's time to gain hit points. They can role the Hit Die for the given character class, or choose the listed median value for the character class. Rolling for hit points could get you a high number, or a low number. Whereas the median number is always roughly 60% of the possible range (the average number for the hit die +1). Either way, you'll always add the Constitution bonus (if any), plus any other hit point bonus features for each level gained.

FYI: Please have your character ready to play within a few days, as the DM will need time to review all the characters and plan the next game session.

Campaign Reminders

Plot Points. There will be times in the plot, both obvious and subtle, where I have weaved each character's background into the storyline. However, I am also open to the possibility of player interaction, where a player can choose, at various points, to interject their own plot ideas; these can be done on the spot or pre-planned. Simply bring the idea to my attention through a message in the character's private channel. For example, if you want a particular connection to an NPC, event, or place you might have visited in the past.

Character Growth. As characters from any story you've ever read or watched, expect your characters to grow and evolve too. Don't let your initial choices during character creation dictate the character's whole life. Expect and look for opportunities for character development, growth, and change, there will be many interesting moments in the game to advance your character's own story. I will be providing each character with personal sub-plots that may have nothing to do with the story arc, just flow with it, you may find it interesting.

Anything is Possible. The previous point being said, don't be leery about multi-classing, changing class features, feats, or skills, especially during those initial 1st and 2nd levels. I want my players to play characters they find interesting, but never too easy, the roleplaying stuff should be a bit challenging at times. Characters should have weaknesses, both in-game mechanics and in roleplaying, that's what makes them interesting characters. Just don't over-specialize your character, a gapping weakness could be exploited (hint, hint).

This will be a long-running campaign, so kick-back, have fun, enjoy!

Identity (Spell)

In my opinion, this spell removes all the mystery surrounding magic items, their history, and use. Therefore, each casting of this spell will only reveal a single vague detail about a magic item, as determined by the caster's Intelligence (Arcana) check (which normally would only reveal that it is magical). Also, despite the spelling being of 1st level, it is very stressful on the caster, causing a level of Exhaustion, cumulative for each casting within the same week! Allowing a full week to pass between castings will restart the process. This spell does help lead the way towards a path of research the caster might not otherwise be aware of.