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Against the Undying


Deities of the Flanaess

Though not a complete list, the deities below represent the major powers of worship in the campaign. Occasionally, you may see references to other gods of the Flanaess, these refer to deities that are not as popular, though they may hold greater sway in certain regions.

The information below is common knowledge, however, this list does not match the list located in the D&D 5E Player's Handbook, therefore contact the DM for additional details on any deity particular to the Wold of Greyhawk. Additional information is known to any character with the Religion skill. A skill check will provide details on worshipers, holy sites and temples, clergy, dogma, rituals, artifacts and much more. For clerics, druids and other divine casters, additional details on YOUR deity will automatically be provided.

Racial Legend
Lowercase letters indicate that the deity is worshiped less, but still widely known.
(B)aklunish, (C)ommon, (F)lanaess, (O)eridian, (S)uel, (D)warvish, (E)lven, (H)umanoid, (U)known.

The Good Powers

Goddess of Woodlands (FC)
Alignment: NG
Spheres: Life, Nature
Symbol: Unicorn horn

God of Horizons and Travel (OC)
Alignment: NG
Spheres: Knowledge, Trickery
Symbol: Circle crossed by a curved horizon line

God of Deception, Espionage, and Protection (O)
Alignment: CG
Spheres: Trickery
Symbol: Small stylized mask of onyx

God of Athletics and Sport (S)
Alignment: CG
Spheres: Tempest, War
Symbol: Four spears and four maces radiating out from a central point

God of Chivalry and Valor (OC)
Alignment: LG
Spheres: War
Symbol: Lightning bolt

God of the Sun and Healing (FC)
Alignment: NG
Spheres: Life, Light
Symbol: Sun

God of Peace and Reason (FC)
Alignment: LG
Spheres: Knowledge
Symbol: White heart

God of Liberty and Retribution (C)
Alignment: CG
Spheres: War
Symbol: Triskelion

Goddess of Hills and Mountains (C)
Alignment: LG
Spheres: Life, War
Symbol: Mountain with a circle at its heart

The Neutral Powers

Goddess of Nature (FC)
Alignment: N
Spheres: Nature
Symbol: Green disk

God of Magic (C)
Alignment: N
Spheres: Knowledge
Symbol: Eye within a pentagram

God of Stars and Wanderers (OC)
Alignment: N
Spheres: Knowledge
Symbol: Arc of seven stars inside a circle

Goddess of Fate and Destiny (Bc)
Alignment: N
Spheres: Knowledge
Symbol: Weaver's spindle with three strands

God of Nature (FC)
Alignment: N
Spheres: Nature
Symbol: Oakleaf and acorn

God of Revelry (C)
Alignment: CN
Spheres: Trickery
Symbol: Laughing mask

God of Light and Law (OC)
Alignment: LN
Spheres: Light
Symbol: Silver sun or full moon partially eclipsed by a smaller crescent moon

God of ill Luck and Insanity (C)
Alignment: CN
Spheres: Trickery
Symbol: Three bone fate-casting sticks

St. Cuthbert
God of Common Sense and Zeal (C)
Alignment: LN
Spheres: Knowledge
Symbol: Circle at the center of a starburst of lines

God of Winter, Cold, and the North Wind (S)
Alignment: CN
Spheres: Nature, Tempest
Symbol: Leafless tree in a field of snow

Wee Jas
Goddess of Magic and Death (S)
Alignment: LN
Spheres: Death, Knowledge
Symbol: Red skull in front of a fireball

God of Power, Business and Influence (OC)
Alignment: LN
Domains: Knowledge, Trickery
Symbol: Hands clutching a bag of gold

The Evil Powers

God of Envy and Slaughter (OC)
Alignment: CE
Spheres: War
Symbol: Blood drop

God of War and Discord (OC)
Alignment: LE
Spheres: War
Symbol: Six arrows facing downward in a fan

God of Plague and Famine (C)
Alignment: NE
Spheres: Death
Symbol: Reptilian eye with a horizontal diamond

God of Pain and Oppression (FC)
Alignment: CE
Spheres: Death
Symbol: Grinning human skull

God of Death (FC)
Alignment: NE
Spheres: Death
Symbol: Skull with either a sickle or a scythe

Assassins, Fire, Poison, and Murder (S)
Alignment: NE
Spheres: Death, War
Symbol: Demonic face with ears like a bat's wings

God of Evil Secrets (U)
Alignment: NE
Spheres: Knowledge
Symbol: Hand with an eye in the palm