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Against the Undying

Knights of the Hart

"We stand at the vanguard - no matter the cost"

Knights of the Hart

The Knights of the Order of the Hart, or simple The Order collectively seek to maintain the independence and fidelity of Veluna, Furyondy, and Highfolk. As they are so closely tied with specific political entities, The Order is distrusted not only by the Knights of the Watch, but Verbobonc, Perrenland, Nyrond, and Dyvers as well. They have a long-standing rivalry with the Knights of Holy Shielding.

Faction Overview

Despite this friction with other worrisome organizations and realms, The Order are champions of good and right and provide the standing military vanguard that their patron states lack, with its members maintaining castles and other strongholds, and all members being pledged to be at peak military efficiency at all times, to give time for the feudal lords to muster their own forces in time of crisis. They maintain large standing forces that participate not only in scouting and border patrol, but which are loaned out often to their patron states as a military cadre. The Knights of the Hart are divided into three Knighthoods, as follows:

Knights of Furyondy: Dedicated to the Kingdom of Furyondy.
Knights of Veluna: Dedicated to the Archclericy of Veluna.
Knights of the High Forest: Limited to elven-folk only, dedicated to Highfolk and the Vesve Forest.


The beliefs of The Order can be summarized as follows:

  • Veluna, Furyondy, and Highfolk's independence must be maintained.
  • Defend from the dangers of the Baklunish lands, Iuz, Horned Society, Bandit Kingdoms, and the border marches.
  • The Order must meet the greatest threats first, granting time for others to act.


Maintain the independence of Veluna, Furyondy, and Highfolk. Make sure that each state retains its dedication to freedom and the cause of good. Stand watch against outside threats to those realms, no matter whence they come. Always be prepared to defend the innocent and the weak, and fight to the bitter end.

Member Traits

Knights of the Hart tend not to be as militaristic as other knightly orders but are no less puissant or vigilant in their task once danger appears. In addition, they often serve in other capacities within the courts of their patron states, however their dedication to certain political entities makes them suspicious to others that have reasons to dislike The Order.


Agents of the Circle utilize the standard 5-rank structure, with each Master forming the apex of their own mini-faction within the Circle. When dealing with Masters other than your own, your Renown points are effectively reduced by 25%. The Masters would be above this rank system, each having a renown of 100 or more.

Knights of the Hart:

  • Knight of the Hart (rank 1)
  • Knight Bachelor of the Hart (rank 2)
  • Knight Companion of the Hart (rank 3)
  • Knight Banneret of the Hart (rank 4)
  • Knight Commander of the Hart (rank 5)


The Order's symbol embodies an owl with outstretched wings.