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Greyhawk Maps by Anna B. Meyer

Gazetteer of the Flanaess

The following represent common knowledge about the various lands of the Flanaess. Of course, player characters will know much more about their homeland, and the surrounding territories, than these brief snippets.

Geographical Nomenclature

Greyhawk is the name of one of the major cities in the campaign setting, it is not the name of the world as a whole.
Oerth is the name of the planet on which the City of Greyhawk can be found. There are four continents.
Oerik is the name of the continent on which the City of Greyhawk can be found. It is home to various cultures.
The Flanaess is the easternmost portion of Oerik. The Flanaess is considered the "enlightened center" of culture on Oerth.

Geography of Oerth

Oerth has a circumference of 25,200 miles and a surface area of 202,139,540 sq. miles and is much 'rounder' than other planets. The Flanaess, (not including Amedio, Hepmonaland, Dry Steppes, Sea of Dust, Land of Black Ice, or large bodies of water) is approximately 6.5 million sq. miles of land.

The City of Greyhawk sits on 35 N latitude. Oerth has at least four continents, the largest of which is Oerik (which makes up about 14.66% of Oerth), lying mainly in the Northern Hemisphere. Southeast of Oerik lies the much smaller landmass of Hepmonaland, lying in the tropics. Hyperboria, also called Telchuria (after Telchur, the god of winter), lies at the north pole, while an unnamed fourth continent lies in the southern hemisphere.

Oerth is thought to have four oceans, including the Solnor Ocean, the Dramidj Ocean that circles Telchuria, the Ocean of Storms south of Oerik, and the Sea of Thunder encompassing Polaria. Oerth also has a number of islands, the largest being Fireland in the northern Solnor, depicted on maps as being roughly half the size of Hepmonaland. Polaria is a chain of mountainous islands covered for at least part of the year by the southern polar ice cap.

Regions of the Flanaess

Below are listed the known countries, nations, and states of the Flanaess. The Flanaess can be grouped into eight main regions and a listing of ungrouped nations.

Western Nyr Dyv (Old Ferrond)

Centered on the Velverdyva River this land was largely populated by Oeridians in its early history but has strong influences from Suel and Flan heritage. Once part of the Viceroyalty of Ferrond, which in turn was part of the Great Kingdom, the nations listed below have since become independent and remain on good terms with each other. It is threatened by the Empire of Iuz to the North. The region has rich soil, a pleasant climate, and healthy trade relations with many of its neighbors, leading to a flourishing land.

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  • Celene. A reclusive elvish realm. They keep to themselves and don't like outsiders. Their green wine, however, is said to be exquisite.
  • Dyvers. An independent trade city nestled on the southwestern shore of the Nyr Dyv. Most water traffic from nations to the west passes through the city.
  • Furyondy. This is the bastion of good and justice in the western Flanaess, closely allied with Veluna and the Shield Lands, and a staunch enemy of the evil lands of Iuz and the Horned Society.
  • Greyhawk, Free City of. The Gem of the Flanaess, a large trading city in the central Flanaess just south of the Lake of Unknown Depths. A rich and diverse city, filled with just about anything anyone could desire.
  • Hardby. A city-state dominated by women, where men are second-class citizens.
  • High Folk (Town and Valley). An isolated, peaceful realm in the shadow of the Zatil Mountains, with a large olven population.
  • Veluna. A clerical state closely allied with Furyondy, and as such a bastion of good.
  • Verbobonc. A semi-independent city-state. Considered a safe haven on the great river, a market place developed along the riverbank attracting goods from near and far.
  • Wild Coast. A collection of free towns and petty lords, known for its lawlessness and chaotic nature.

The Sheldomar Valley (Old Keoland)

Once all part of Keoland, many of the nations grew independent after disagreeing with Keoland's militarism. Stock is mostly of Suel with strong Oeridian influence, but pockets of Flan heritage exist in certain regions (Geoff, Sterich, Ulek). The region is threatened by the humanoids, including giants, from the surrounding mountains and the organized humanoid forces of the Pomarj. The lands are fertile with a warm and mild climate.

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  • Keoland. A large and peaceful realm in the Sheldomar Valley, it was once a haughty imperialistic power, but stepped back from the brink and is now a bastion of good.
  • Bissel. A military state that acts as a bulwark against the Baklunish to the west. Bisselites are good, disciplined fighters. Famed for its Border Companies which watch constantly for enemies.
  • Geoff. A small and isolated land in the western Flanaess, known for the constant menace from humanoids and particularly giants coming in from the mountains to the west.
  • Gran March. Ruled by a military knightly order, the Gran March is highly regimented but produces fighters of superior quality. They are a bastion against the Baklunish peoples to the west.
  • Sterich. Nestled between Keoland and the Crystalmist Mountains, this land is constantly harassed by humanoids and giants coming out of the mountains.
  • Yeomanry. A free land organized semi- democratically, with warriors and other prominent citizens voting for the members of the ruling council.
  • Ulek, County of. A humanoid realm dominated by gnomes and halflings, but there are a number of humans who live peacefully under their rule as well.
  • Ulek, Duchy of. An elvish realm, but one which has a number of human subjects as well. They are allied with Celene and are at peace with their former masters in Keoland.
  • Ulek, Principality of. A dwarven realm that broke away from Keoland with the rest of the Ulek states.
  • Vale of the Mage. A mysterious place in the Barrier Peaks. It is rumored to be ruled by a mighty wizard and to have wealth in untold amounts, but little is actually known.
  • Pomarj. Previously a wealthy but loose collection of petty lords, the Pomarj was overrun by humanoids driven out of the Lortmil Mountains. It is an oppressed and occupied land.
  • Sea Princes. A land of former pirates who now command the strongest war fleet, and the largest merchant fleet, in the Azure Sea. Slavery still exists within their lands, and it's rumored that they haven't completely given up their piratical past.

The Baklunish West (Baklunish Empire)

Settled by the survivors of the Invoked Devastation. In the Baklunish stronghold, only the Ket have slightly mixed bloodlines from interacting with the lands of Western Nyr Dyv. Peoples of this land go from nomadic horsemen to grand merchant cities with powerful navies. This land is stable and secure, with few outside threats. Ket occasionally sends small raids to Bissel and Veluna.

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  • Ekbir. A Baklunish state. A great rival of their neighbor, Zeif, for dominance in the Baklunish regions.
  • Ket. At the gateway into the Baklunish realms to the west, Ket is a sort of hybrid of cultures both East and West, but politically it can be counted in the Baklunish camp.
  • Paynims. A group of nomadic Baklunish tribes in the west, with reputations as fierce warriors and excellent horsemen.
  • Ull. A small Baklunish nation, in the west outside the Flanaess, made up of semi-nomadic tribes.
  • Tusmit. A Baklunish country in the northwest, they survive by playing one neighbor off the others to maintain their own independence.
  • Zeif. A Baklunish country on the fringes of the Flanaess, in the West. Its traders will sometimes be found in the Flanaess, as far east as the Nyr Dyv (Lake of Unknown Depths).

The Bitter North (Old Blackmoor)

A region grouped more for geography than similarities between its inhabitants. The Nomads, Blackmoor, and Perrenland do not share many connections. The climate in this region of steppes and coniferous forests normally varies from cool to frigid but has worsened over the years, making this a sparsely settled area home mostly to nomads, orcs, and goblins, except in Perrenland.

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  • Blackmoor. A mysterious land. Few people have even heard of it, and fewer still know anything about it. It is a land of oddities and witches.
  • Tiger Nomads. Wild barbarians whose nomadic wanderings cover a large swath of the northern Flanaess.
  • Wolf Nomads. Wild barbarians in the northern reaches of the Flanaess, their tribal totem is the wolf, and can be found in various forms (standards, flags, etc.).
  • Perrenland. A quiet but rich land in the foothills of the Yatil mountains, Perrenland is noted for its mercenary companies that are loaned out across the Flanaess.

The Empire of Iuz (Northern Reaches)

A product of the Greyhawk Wars. Many of these nations before the war would find it unthinkable they would be associated with the lands of Iuz, but were taken over partially or fully during the war. Tenh would have previously considered itself part of Old Aerdy East, Rovers as part of the Bitter North, and the Shield lands of Western Nyr Dyv. These lands are wilderness dotted with ruined human towns and active orc lairs, with a cool to a temperate climate.

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  • Bandit Kingdoms. This is a collection of petty states, constantly at war with each other, that raid the lands around them. They tend to live up to their name, and people hailing from here are generally shifty types.
  • Iuz. An evil, despondent land ruled over by a half-demon demigod, Iuz the Old. His realm is one of pain and suffering and oppression, and he has designs on creating an empire.
  • Horned Society. An evil land, ruled by the Hierarchs, whose realm is filled with evil men, humanoids, and devil-worshipers. They threaten all of the lands around them, except Iuz, with whom they have a tentative alliance.
  • Rovers of the Barrens. Once the nomadic tribes of the dog-people were powerful and feared, but their power has been broken in battle, and they are now a shadow of their former selves. Individually they are powerful warriors, but their neighbors now infringe on their territory with impunity.
  • Shield Lands. Ruled over by the Knights of Holy Shielding, a military order who protect the west-central lands of the Flanaess from incursion by the Bandit Kingdoms and the Horned Society.
  • Tenh. A prosperous, orderly Flan realm. Its proximity to both the northern nomads and the Bandit Kingdoms makes it a prime target for raids, but its armies are strong.

The Thillonrian Peninsular (Barbarian North)

A cold stretch of land, bi-parted by mountains, it's a ruggedly beautiful landscape with coniferous forests and deep fjords. The climate is subarctic, with rocky soil and a brief growing season. The barbarians here are of near pure Suel stock and call the land Rhizia. The Hold of the Stonefist is a bandit founded country and has gained many enemies over the years.

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  • Barbarians, Frost. One of the three Suel barbarian nations in the far north, both the southernmost and the weakest of the three, having been conquered by the Snow Barbarians. They still raid the lands to the south every year, however.
  • Barbarians, Ice. The northernmost nation of barbarians, who raid either their barbarian cousins or the fatter lands further south, with impunity.
  • Barbarians, Snow. The most powerful of the three barbarian kingdoms in the north, the Snow Barbarians regularly harass the rich lands to the south; North Province, the Great Kingdom proper, and even the Sea Barons.
  • Stonefist, Hold of. A collection of outcasts, nomads, and barbarians clinging to the northern shore of the Flanaess. They raid their neighbors, particularly into Tenh.

Old Aerdy West (Old Nyrond)

Oeridian-Suel bloodlines are dominant in this region, with strong Flan influences in the Pale. This was the last region to be settled by the Oeridians. Much of it was once part of Nyrond, which itself was part of the Great Kingdom. After Nyrond claimed independence, so too did Urnst, Almor, Tenh, and the Pale. Almor was annexed by Nyrond during the Greyhawk Wars, having suffered heavy casualties and Tenh was lost to the Empire of Iuz. This region is noble but beset by many enemies and with ever-dwindling resources and internal stability.

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  • Nyrond. Located in the eastern Flanaess, this kingdom is a powerful force for good and law and serves as a counterweight to the ambitions and power of the Great Kingdom.
  • Almor. This is a good-aligned clerical state allied with Nyrond against the Great Kingdom. The state religion is the worship of Heironeous. Almorians are generally peaceful, friendly folk.
  • Urnst, County of. A small land on the eastern shore of the Nyr Dyv. It is a small but prosperous land that contributes to Nyrond's efforts to keep the Great Kingdom in check.
  • Urnst, Duchy of. The "sister state" of the County of Urnst. This land has many demi-humans and is rich in precious metals and gems, in the hills to the south.
  • Theocracy of the Pale. An unforgiving theocratic state who worship Pholtus, they are threatened by the Bandit Kingdoms to the west and monsters from the mountains to the east.

Old Aerdy East (Old Kingdom)

The final remnants of the Great Kingdom of Aerdy. The core of this region used to be focused on the Flanmi River plain but has shifted to Relmor Bay. The main threat to this region is the still-ongoing civil war and instability within its borders. These lands are rich and their climate pleasant, though long years of civil war and oppression have damaged the economy. Many orcs and goblinoid races live among the numerous, warlike Oeridians here.

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  • Ahlissa (South Province). Once the most powerful satrapy in the Great Kingdom, when the lands of the Iron League revolted against the Great Kingdom, all that was left was the Herzog's home fiefdom of Ahlissa. He would do anything to regain his lost territories, wealth, and reputation.
  • Bone March. Formerly a northern outpost of the Great Kingdom, it was recently overrun by humanoids. All the people left alive there are either slaves or collaborators.
  • Great Kingdom (Kingdom of Aerdy). Once the Great Kingdom of Aerdy dominated most of the Flanaess outside the Sheldomar Valley, but while it has shrunk over the centuries, it still commands a huge territory in the east. Its leaders are evil and decadent, and its people are oppressed. Nonetheless, it is still incredibly powerful.
  • Idee (Naerie). One of the members of the Iron League, this small county is under constant threat from South Province but has a large army and string of stout castles to defend itself.
  • Irongate. A wealthy seaport and member of the Iron League, it is continually menaced by South Province but is protected by tall walls and dwarven allies.
  • Megedia. An evil clerical state and a vassal of the Great Kingdom, Medegia's population is ground down by both the priesthood of Hextor and the nobility of the land.
  • North Province (North Kingdom). Another vassal state of the Great Kingdom, North Province is very strong and quasi-independent. The Herzog is continually occupied with dealing with the northern barbarians who raid its coasts and humanoid tribes who threaten its borders.
  • Onnwal. A member of the Iron League, this free state boasts a large navy, which it uses to protect itself from regular raids by South Province. Its marines are noted as excellent soldiers.
  • Ratik. A hardy barony caught between humanoids in the Bone March and barbarians in the north. Recently, Ratik has made peace overtures with the barbarians and seeks to unite with them against the humanoid threat.
  • Sunndi. One of the members of the Iron League, this large county lies between South Province, Medegia, and the Great Swamp.

Independent Isolates

Also includes the Amedio and Hepmonaland Jungle, and the Dry Steppes.

  • Lendore Isles. Technically part of the Spindrift Isles, this is a bustling place, with towns and ports open to trade. It was settled by Suel humans centuries ago.
  • Lordship of the Isles. In 576 this was another member of the Iron League; these islands are great rivals of the Sea Barons and compete with them for trade and booty on the high seas.
  • Scarlet Brotherhood. This is a secretive order of monks and advisors that only recently made themselves known. They had agents and advisors in many of the royal courts of the Flanaess.
  • Sea Barons. A far eastern naval outpost of the Great Kingdom.
  • Spindrift Isles. A mysterious group of islands to the east, controlled by the olvenfolk who do not welcome visitors.

Forests of Oerik

  • Adri Forest
  • Amedio Jungle
  • Bramblewood Forest
  • Burnreal Forest
  • Celadon Forest
  • Dim Forest
  • Dreadwood
  • Fellreev Forest
  • Forlorn Forest
  • Gamboge Forest
  • Gnarley Forest
  • Grandwood Forest
  • Hepmonaland
  • Hornwood
  • Hraak Forest
  • Loftwood
  • Menowood
  • Oytwood
  • Phostwood
  • Rieuwood
  • Sable Wood
  • Silver Wood
  • Suss Forest
  • Timberway Forest
  • Udgru Forest
  • Vesve Forest
  • Welkwood

Hills of Oerik

  • Blemu Hills
  • Bluff Hills
  • Gull Cliffs
  • Hestmark Highlands
  • Spine Ridge

Mountains of Oerik

  • Barrier Peaks
  • Clatspur Range
  • Corusk
  • Crystalmist
  • Glorioles
  • Griff
  • Hellfurnaces
  • Lortmil
  • Rakers
  • Sulhaut
  • Yatil

Other Notable Locations of Oerik

Includes Swamps, Wastes, Deserts, and so on.

  • Cold Marsh
  • Hool Marshes
  • Mistmarsh
  • Land of the Black Ice
  • Dry Steppes
  • North Wastes
  • Troll Fens
  • Vast Swamp