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A D&D 5E Greyhawk Campaign

Against the Undying

The Pendulum Swings

As of the Common Year 576, it is a land very much on the edge. In the central Flanaess, the evil demigod-king Iuz rules from his demon-haunted capital Dorakaa, and the devil-worshipping Horned Society lies on his southern flank, while the fractious Bandit Kingdoms lie to their east. Opposing these are the good lands of Furyondy and Veluna in the west and Urnst and Nyrond in the east.

War is coming, you can smell it in the air, see it in the waters, feel it in the earth. War is coming.

In the eastern portion of the Flanaess, the Great Kingdom groans under the tyrannical (and, many say, both insane and demon-possessed) Overking, who sends forth his vassals in brutal and ultimately fruitless campaigns to retake those lands which have broken away over the years. Nyrond and Almor in the north, and the alliance of smaller states known as the Iron League in the south; all stand as defiant bastions of good against the evil of the Great Kingdom.
In the southwestern Flanaess, in what is known as the Sheldomar Valley, all appears peaceful on the surface, but there are troubling stirrings of evil things in the Crystalmist Mountains and Hellfurnaces, the piratical Sea Princes rule to the south, and the humanoid tribes of the Pomarj are more and more aggressive and organized to the northeast.

And everywhere skulk the monks of the Scarlet Brotherhood, a mysterious order whose very existence went unsuspected until a few years ago, but whose members are now found in more and more royal courts as advisors and counselors.

Barren land and wounded hands returning with dreams from the grave ...
Prisoners they've been bought by love knowing there's glory in the end ...
I feel the weight, I feel the rain, it's falling over me ...
I feel a shift, I feel a change, it's coming over me ...
Come out of the Dark - Come out of the Dark!
I feel it in my bones, you're breathing fire into my lungs ...
... And I am rising up out from the earth flames of triumph!

-- Theme Song "Come Out" by Lenis Morales (feat. Generdyn)