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by B.A. Umberger

Game Remnants

With nearly 40 years of gaming experience, I've played and game mastered many times, far more than I can recount here. Some games were one-shot adventures, typically trying-out a new game system or adventure idea, but many were long-term campaigns played-out over months or years. As both a player and a game master, I've left many games unfinished, the remnants of characters and ideas left on the cutting room floor, so to speak. Aside from those one-shot adventures, the plan here is to better track my campaigns, and perhaps sweep-up some of those lost characters and ideas for better use in my games.

Residing on this website, my campaigns will have a much longer lifespan than previously run games. It will be easier for the players and me to return and play again with all the in-game information being recorded hereabouts. My notes can also be saved on private pages only accessible to myself, the game master. Here, I have no limits or regulations, It's my hosting account, and therefore my rules.

The campaigns listed here vary from mere ideas and wants, to fully-fledged games, current or previously ran. Many campaigns are active to some degree; others I've yet to start. Each campaign contains a gazetteer with geography information and maps. Also included is a guidebook with calendars, factions, personages, races, languages, and details on the pantheon (if applicable), plus much more. Every campaign contains all the needed information for the game master and the players alike.

Playing Etiquette

The idea here is to make the game run as smoothly as possible. The key to an efficient running game is organization. Therefore some of these guidelines are designed to maintain a well-organized campaign. Listed below are the rules for this campaign, please learn and follow them to the best of your ability. We all know mistakes will be made, but if we work together, the gameplay should be very enjoyable for everyone. THANKS!


  • Always Be Civil and Polite. Try not to kill your fellow characters; remember safety first!
  • Avoid Politics, Religion, and Sex. Talking real-world politics and religion during the game is a no-no. HAVING real-world sex during the game is also a no-no.
  • Time is limited. Once a game session begins, try to keep the out-of-game chit-chat to a minimum, thanks!
  • Non-Game Messages. Please use the Discord Lounge channel for all out-of-character messages.
  • Private Stuff. Your character's Discord Private channel is to message or roll dice privately with the DM and for in-character stuff only.
  • Dark & Gritty. Many of my campaigns are filled with evil beings doing evil things. Be prepared. You have been warned.
  • Pause Button. If at any time you feel "uncomfortable", please pause the game so we can discuss and fix the issue.


  • Login Early. Please fix any issues before the game begins, and perform all updates to your software beforehand.
  • Cut Interference. Make sure your computer isn't running anything in the background which may interfere or slow the connection.
  • Video & Voice. Please attain a decent webcam and/or microphone. It really does make things run better for everyone.
  • Adjust Settings. If possible, lower the settings on your webcam, this will make it less taxing on everyone's connection (480p min./1080p max.).


  • Shit Happens. Please note, all things are subject to change. It may not be my fault, so don't blame me, blame my wife ... I do.
  • Old Posts. The DM shall frequently remove any un-needed posts on most channels to keep things organized.
  • Session Logs. Once a new Session Log begins, the previous Session Log will be archived and locked to prevent accidental postings.
  • Read. Read. Read. You should try to read the adventure Journal located on this website, it WILL contain needed bits of information and easter eggs.


  • First Things First. Before posting any messages, be sure to "Change Nickname" of your player avatar to your character's full name.